Breastfeeding journey

2yrs ago I wouldn’t thought I’m gonna be able to do this at all. Now I am starting to think how to stop it anymore. It’s been a crazy journey. Breastfeeding takes lot of patience, understanding, self control and most importantly time to be able to nurture my baby. I remember the first time I... Continue Reading →

Airplane Mode with China Airlines 

 MNL-TPE-SFO A long haul flight that makes me fall in love. Yaaaas! Never thought China Airlines could make me feel this great! Ever since I started traveling, I always use Philippine Airlines because why not? I'm a Filipino lol but this time this flying experience is totally different. I booked my flight using the TRAVELOKA... Continue Reading →

Traveling for FREE!

"You don't have to be rich to travel!" - Unknown This was my first ever literally FREE TRAVEL experience in my entire life! Tickets, Accommodation, Food and Activities were free because life is good and full of good people out there. When it comes to #Libre or #FREE  thingy I'm always in! Actually we're supposed... Continue Reading →

Why choose Cebu for your next vacation?

The queen city of the south is definitely one of the best place to visit when you're planning a vacation here in the Philippines. There's too much to do in this province that you're already falling in love before you even realized. Just a quick city tour #Bestofthebest BASILICA MINORE DEL STO. NIñO Whenever I... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Island of Coron

Being a Filipina traveler makes me so proud of the wonders of my home country. What make this trip extraordinary is because of the Island that is one of the best in the whole world! No exaggeration! I've been to different Island here in the Philippines but this one is extremely fantastic! Maybe because when... Continue Reading →

Flying Solo- Flying Free!

One of the best gift you could ever give to yourself is to travel ALONE, someone said. And just to make sure of that saying, well I tried. And guess what? It's clearer than those words. I can't say that it's the best travel yet it's the best GIFT TO MYSELF. People often say LOVE... Continue Reading →

Have you ever been in the Philippines? If yes, i guess you've been to Boracay or El Nido or Coron or Cebu which are the top tourist destinations here in Philippines. Well i have good news! you've never seen the best yet! I know some travelers loves to be there but I have something that... Continue Reading →

Solivagant Road Trip

Traveling alone is one of the best feeling you can experience in your life. It's a self-fulfillment that is totally priceless. It's a brave thing to do for yourself that somehow can change your life. As a 23 year old girl, i know I'm mature enough to decide for my self. I'm glad I've learned... Continue Reading →

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