Kamantigue Beach, A non- touristy paradise in Batangas

As i woke up this morning my skin felt an itch of salty air and tide of waves. The first thing I know was my brother is in to adventure today and always. We had our quick breakfast & drove to Batangas City, an hour away from home with my cousin & my brother’s girlfriend. As we play the music on my ipod, the Chainsmokers filled up my heart with the song This is all we know and feeling the beat of my heart knowing how wanderlust takes place within my precious heart.

Sing along with every words while stuck in the traffic suddenly felt a groan in my tummy thinking what to eat and how long will it takes to be there. Passing by my friends home and quick nostalgia on my college life. We love to make group projects so we could hangout to their home because we totally feel the hospitality of my friends mom that makes us feel very much welcome. Suddenly a loud noise awaken me, I’m starving and when I look out the window I see the ocean and mountains, a good appetizer to my hunger.

And then we arrived at our destination. The beach resort is still under construction and needs a lot of development but since the beach is the reason why we came in the first place, we don’t mind their facilities. We’re here for a swim and adventure. Luckily there’s only few people when we came which means we can take an instagramable shot to share the beauty of the nature.

Photos wasn’t totally edited because there’s not much needed. Its clear blue water & sunlight makes a natural filter. From the 7feet salty water pool to deep down ocean water intensifies the heat and simmer the beach.

It wasn’t the highlight of our trip for we see an Islet near the area. Without hesitation we get out to the water and started to go for a trek.

Clearly no guide just the four of us walking through the pebble beach and saw this ancient altarpiece wondering bout the history of this front beach chapel like? Nonetheless it’s mystically beautiful.

Up above the altar is the giant cross facing the beach and looking down from our spot is just a sea surrounded by corals and fishes, nope! Not ideal for cliff diving.

As we go straight to the Sumbrero Island, more and more huge rock formations and slippery pebbles along the way.

Wave tides through us when we’re crossing to the beach and extraordinary corals underwater. Fast forward to the top, as my heartbeats fast my soul was shouting for what I’ve seen. Spontaneous trip to everywhere is always a good idea. Freedom as I thought when I’m on the top and realized I was born to be wild.

The Best People in life are FREE!

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