Ati-Atihan Festival


Philippines is a country known not only for its majestic paradise destinations but also known for the different cultures and annual festivals. One of the most popular festivals is the celebration of the feast of Sto. Niño (infant Jesus) during the third Sunday of January in Kalibo, Aklan here in the Philippines. The festival consists of tribal dance, music, accompanied by indigenous costumes and weapons, and parade along the street.

Okay it’s just a quick background about this blog. It was January 16,2015 when me and my friends/ co-workers decided to fly to Kalibo to experience the Ati-atihan festival during our days off (Thu-Fri/Fri-Sat), although the main celebration held during Sunday, we go there anyway.

Waiting game at the airport with Ella, Mikee, Neri and Me 😛

For those people who works at Airline company, you’ll probably feel the way we do about waiting for the close counter and hoping to release of the boarding pass right? lol #standbyfeels . So we manage to take the 2nd flight and thank our supervisors and manager who made that possible 😉 xxLove and kisses!

I always choose the window side, am i the only one who wants to see the clouds to the nearest as possible? and of course to see the Islands and other wonderful creation of our Almighty God in different perspective. Ugghhh! wanderlust is hittin’ me again. lol

From Manila to Kalibo, the flying time would be 55mins. And shout out to the only person who eat packed noodles during this flight haha! (He will do whatever he wants ‘coz it’s his first ever free flight) Anyway, what do you gals do on this kind of flight? I mean don’t make me wrong but if it’s actually your first time to take a flight and first time to visit the destination and first time to experience this kind of festival would you sleep in the airplane? nah! i don’t think so. No matter how far you’ve come from you’ll stay awake on this flight because your excitement won’t let you sleep. #nonsense Welcome to my world!

Special thanks to @flyPAL for this amazing perks! Kalibo we’re comiiiiing!!!!

Another shout out for our not-so-handsome-but-not-that-bad Crews. lol jk

Touch down Kalibo! Excited to make some noise and have fun!
Right outside the airport, we could feel the beat of the drums 'coz they
have already have this colorful people dancing and making some noise
welcoming the tourist. #Awesome

Another reason why we visit Kalibo is because of the best chicken and liempo that we need to try, they call it RAMBOYS. And that’s our first stop since we’re starving already, eating above the cloud nine is good but trying out the best of the best is much better.

apologies for the photo quality

The photo might not look enticing but trust me, just because the photo is bad doesn’t mean that RAMBOY’s not delicious. I just had 2 rice 😉 and we’re happily satisfied with our brunch. Then right after we eat, we went to the town and explore. We bought local sunnies just to protect our eyes from the scorching weather. (We don’t mind buying cheap stuffs for it’s useful) I bought my foldable shades for just 50 pesos, it looks fancy tho. Then we also bought our own masskara thingy to blend in and support the locals. haha!

Fun under the sun 🙂

The parade was about to start at 3pm, we decided to take a break after exploring the town. We sat down near the plaza and bought some cold drinks and chips then we just enjoy every moment and wait for other friends who will come along later. Saving our energy for more screaming and dancing later.

The fun has just begun 😉

Noise all over the town! We just go with the flow while they’re beatin’ the drum we dance and follow the parade. We took a lot of selfies with those fully-costumed indigenous people. Each of their Barangay represents different costumes which makes it flabbergasting and   groovy.  It was a total blast for us. Some says that it’s more fun during the main event (which is sunday) like everyone will totally celebrate. There will be programs and bands and full of noise all over Kalibo. If you’re a party people, this is for you!

At night we headed to FOF house and stay for a while, have some rest and will go back again in the town for the night parade. yes another round of blasting!

Beat up high at night!

By this time, we already have our group. Yey! Thanks to Kalibo PALmily for letting us come along with them.  *that’s what are families are for. They even gave us face paint to feel it more! As we dance in the night parade, I have a lot of thoughts in my mind that I’m so lucky to be here and i want to experience more festivals in the Philippines. The overwhelming feeling sometimes gives me a hard time to explain. It made me speechless.

One thing I learned here is that even though your not asking for anything, people here have the initiative  to offer help without asking anything in return. Good Samaritans? Salute to Kalibo Pips! 🙂


Saddest part is that I don’t want to leave yet I need to come to work at 12am and need to catch my flight at 9:30pm. However, I can say that today was a great #Journie


I’m alone going back to manila because I have duty and my friends is still on their rest day. Sucks I know! Ces’t La vie!


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