New year, new adventures! This is my first of many travel this year 2017. Year of the rooster, MY YEAR! #1993 Shout out to ’93 babies! I started mine at one of the most famous country in South East Asia, Thailand 🇹🇭A good place to start my jourNie 😝 with my doggy friend, Demie.

It’s actually a spontaneous trip of ours when we decided a week before this trip. At first, I’m just telling myself that I’m tired and i need a massage therapy to relax then I thought of having an authentic thai massage in Thailand so i told my friend Demie who’s always up for a trip and when I talked to her she said that she’s in & wanted to shop for bags and will sell it here in the Philippines. And so we booked our ticket for 3D2N trip & looked for online hotel accommodation, luckily we got something cheap & pasok sa budget hotel accommodation with half day tour and RT van transfer which cost us just for 2,999 pesos each. (See e-flight travel & tours)

I’m just going to summarize of Trip to BKK so it’s not boring to read the story. Lol

Day 1

We took the afternoon flight of PAL because crazy thing happened earlier. haha! #nonrevfeels


Flying with my Dog 🙂

After 2hrs & 20mins we arrived at BKK Airport. It’s pretty huge!

wondering how to pronounce the airport’s name HAHA!

Upon arrival there’s already a transfer driver waiting for us holding a rectangular paper with our names and since he’s not good in english, he called someone we can talk to about our stay in Bangkok. We talk over the phone and our tour guide welcomed us and give us some tips and reminders for our convenience then the driver escorted us to exit and find our van transfer. From the Airport, it took us an hour to go to our hotel because of the traffic which is not new to us. Hi MNL!

And when we arrived at the hotel, we just show the receptionist our booking confirmation and then proceed to our room with the assistant. The room was beyond our expectations, it was more spacious than what we’ve expected and cleaner. Thanks MY HOTEL for the accommodation! (24/7 assistance, Accessible, Buffet Breakfast, with Hot shower, TV, Ref and fast WIFI)

We just had a night tour on our 1st day, too many people, too many stores like divisoria and it’s raining that’s why we prefer to had our quick dinner near the hotel and take a rest for our tomorrow’s tour. But of course I will try tonight the reason why I went here in the first place 🙂 #AuthenticThaiMassage

Beside the lobby is the Massage Room but I prefer room service so the therapist went up with us (No extra charge for room service) It was good as new! haha! Truly relaxing and great to the feeling (I can go home now) Such a relief! I will do it again. For only 200 bht, you can have your dream Thai massage.


Half-day City Tour

On our 2nd day, we had our half-day city tour then we just tour ourselves around til the dawn. But the main highlight of this day was the dinner cruise we had never experience before. One of the main attractions of Bangkok that tourist really enjoy, The River City Dinner Cruise. An area in which every nationalities comes together for one night dinner together with buffet international cuisines and a live band or musical performers that makes the night alive for 2hrs crossing the river of Bangkok.

Dinner with my Dog


The night is young and so are we


Experience something new!

Tonight I enjoy my life and I’m grateful to have this adventure. I look forward to my next #Journie Cheers BKK!

It’s just the beginning of my 2017 #JourNie

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