Up & Up to Mt. Batulao

Nowadays, more and more people love to do outdoor activities such as Cycling, Swimming, Hiking and many more fun activities to have some break from their busy lives which I find certainly great because people esp the so-called Millennials do appreciate the beauty of nature and the wonders of God.  No wonder why more and more places were discovered because of this adventurers.

In the Province of Batangas, aside from the stunning beach resorts, there’s also breathtaking Mountains to explore. Here’s my first ever surreal Hiking experience at Mt. Batulao (Nasugbo, Batangas) with my fave people (my booger cousins) on LABORDAY!


At exactly 6am we started to walk through the muddy long way to the mountain. Without any warm ups, we’re excitedly walks through it and make some chichats along the way. The thing is that, It’s really different when you’re doing things with your family, i mean the happiness and crazy times were on the highest level. There’s never a dull moment with my booger family.  LOL!

The first 10mins was already challenging for there’s a lot of slimy mud along the up and down hill that make’s our shoes heavy to step up and i know that there’s a lot more to come so i keep in mind to be positive because as what they say “Beginning is always the Hardest!” I hope so on this trail.. And as we keep moving up, we felt the heat on our legs and we just laugh at it. HAHAHA! and then there’s this view….

The feeling of being on top is always a good idea but it’s just the beginning so we continue to walk on the trail.

Fact: When we reach the first stop (a Kubo) on the mountain, someone will collect for registration fee which costs 20 pesos each. *since it’s our first time, we paid for it. Then when we reach another one, they collected us 30 pesos because they told us that it’s a private land and they also said that the first one is not entitled to do the collection. In short, it’s a hoax! too bad we’re 6 so he got 120 pesos so beware next time.

The thing is that it’s our first time and those locals are seriously telling us to pay for registration and they have logbook to list down our names which makes us think that it’s legit even without receipt (who would give OR in the middle of the mountain?) also we don’t have time to argue because it’s tiring and that’s one of the problem when you travel for the first time, you should at least search for details about the place. ( well 20 pesos is not that bad) However, this people will keep doing those things of collecting money to their tourist because no one stops them. So Hello to the officer or whoever is in charge of this Mountain!

To continue our journey, we keep on walking, climbing and even crawling to go to the top. By the way, the road now on the trail is better than the first one because it’s not muddy anymore however, the trail is just as steep as only one can go at a time so we’re carefully following one another and if the one stops of course those who follow will stop too. LOL

As we go along the trail, we met other groups of mountaineers who shows courtesy and greets us “Good morning” with a smile that makes us do the same as we see adventurers along the way. ( It reminds me of my previous job when on our first day of training, our trainer told us to greet each and everyone we encounter everyday and make it a habit because you wouldn’t know it might be the only good thing they  hear on the day.) And it’s a good feeling brighten up someone else’s life with your smile. 🙂

Another stop over to this awesome view! A great  spot to take a jump shot!

The further we go, the more our legs hurt and makes our heart beats fast but whenever you look around it’s the medicine you just need to keep going. We we’re tired and hungry but we’re just about 3kms from the top and the scorching heat of the sun strikes down to us. My brother is always on the go so he keeps on walking and eagerly wanted to finish the trail to the top with my other cousin but for us who stop on the Peak 8 and had our water break while enjoying the heart stopping view, we decided not to go further and just go back next time to finish the trail. Go or not I’m in! even if my foot hurts but my sister wanted to get back already since we’ve done so much more than we imagined. It’s getting hotter and as we check the time it’s already 10am that means we need to get down before 12nn because we’ve promise to take our lunch at my friends house (shout out Demie!) and the sun is burning our skin 😛 Nonetheless, it was such an extremely great experience and another memories to keep!

For those of you who wanted to try something like this, just GO! and YOU CAN MAKE IT!

I made it far!
Conquer yourself!
There can be no great accomplishment without risk!


Registration Fee: 20+30+30 = 80 pesos


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