A must discover PARADISE in the Philippines!

Have you ever been in the Philippines? If yes, i guess you’ve been to Boracay or El Nido or Coron or Cebu which are the top tourist destinations here in Philippines. Well i have good news! you’ve never seen the best yet! I know some travelers loves to be there but I have something that can make your PH travel worthy. If you are looking for a place to relax without much people, serenity, peace and truly wondrous vacation, you might want to go here in Tablas Island. It is the largest Island of Romblon Province and you can go here via plane or vessel. I assure you although this Island is quite far, it is worth to travel especially for those who seek adventures.

I got the Island map of Tablas and I’m ready to see the beauty of it!

I came here for work but i guess I was here for adventure! I have 2 days work and 5 days off and I’m not gonna waste my time here & lock myself in the room so here I go!

My favorite natural spot would always be Waterfalls. Here’s to people who rather catch Waterfalls than anything else 😛


It takes a lot of hike, trek and crawl just to be there but I swear it’s worth the sweat! lol and sometimes all you need is to be at the top alone 🙂

And this Island in whatever views are just so rad! Mountains, Sea and even land. I truly adore this place where I learned so much more than I could ever imagine. The people here is just awesome and I’m glad to be here.






Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!


Not all who wanders are lost
Coco is lifeeeee :))

Things to do:



Fish feeding

Cliff Dive








and my all time favorite to do is to watch the sunset, all of the pain that you’ve will eventually fade away with this incredible sunset :))



And you’re wondering about the expenses right? To be honest, it’s cheaper than you think. All of this wonderful places: the beach, falls, rivers and mountain are totally FREE! Yes it is! No entrance or registration fees at all. The only thing you need to pay is your transportation going to those spots and of course your food (2,000-3,000 pesos is enough budget). And you can tour this Island for just 2 or even 1 day if your good in hiking and driving and you’re energetic to do so but 2 is better. For the lodging you can just have your own tent for full adventure. Don’t worry this Island is one of the safest place in the Philippines. I travel here alone for 2 mos and hey! I’m still alive 🙂 Not totally alone because I made friends of course but what I mean is that I’ve been in this Island all by myself but left there with bunch of friends and memories.

So what are you waiting for? Go! Plan your next trip to this non-touristy paradise with your family and friends! It’s worthy I promise 🙂

There’s so much more than you could ever imagine!


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