Flying Solo- Flying Free!

One of the best gift you could ever give to yourself is to travel ALONE, someone said.

And just to make sure of that saying, well I tried. And guess what? It’s clearer than those words. I can’t say that it’s the best travel yet it’s the best GIFT TO MYSELF. People often say LOVE YOURSELF, just like JB and this is how I love myself, I TRAVEL.


September 8-9, 2015 I decided to go on my first ever Solo Trip to this breathtaking not-so-touristy-spot because it’s expensive to travel but I made it anyway… BASCO, BATANES PH. Yep! the little New Zealand of the Philippines. A perfect place for soul searching 🙂

Window seat baby! 2A PR 2084

Voila! It’s the best 2 days of my life! The most unforgettable trip of mine. I’m writing this blog because as I look back to my life I can only filter the memories that matters to me and my first ever solo trip includes the memorabilia.

Traveling Alone is one of the most dangerous you can do to yourself but also the best experience you could ever have. So I chose my destination wisely. Batanes is known for being one of the safest place here in the Philippines. People are kind and friendly and of course hospitable. The Place was undiscovered to be a tourist spot until a Movie was released where Basco, Batanes was featured as their destination and people from all over the Philippines & who knows in every corner of the world were impressed and amazed by its hidden beauty then it starts to become popular than ever before. And chances to visit this majestic place is rare since you can only travel through airplane which will costs you a lot like A LOT! but it doesn’t matter to me ‘coz luckily I got free tickets 😛 Awesome! I know! Perks of being cute 😛 LMAO


I’m not Alone for God is with me all the time 🙂



So here goes my overnight experience at Basco. I spend my night at the most popular home stay which is Marfel’s Lodge (referred by my friends) which costs me Php 400/night. Fan room only good for 1-2persons (solo me so I got a big room for myself) free use of wifi, clean and comfy home. I highly recommend to take the annex because it’s larger than the other Marfels Lodge and the location is great! Along the main road and near to the town proper which is really accessible. Also I got free van transfer from Airport and vv.

When I got there I paid for North and South Batan tour which costs me Php 2,500 whole day tour riding in tricycle with lunch (Ibatan delicacy & more), tour guide/driver/photographer. Not bad for solo traveler.

Places to Visit at North Batan

Must visit at South Batan 


To see the name of the destination just click the photo. And hey! FYI, it’s not only the places that I’ve been through, there’s more to visit I just don’t have the photos because shit happened, my memory card got corrupted when I was transferring my photos in Laptop 😦 all of my photos in the SLR were vanished like bubbles but I was lucky to save some on my phone so that’s it. Well all in all, It was totally a great experience to travel all by my self in this breathtaking place that you’ll surely cherish and enjoy every moment alone. I felt like I need to do more of this kind of travel to know more of myself, to love myself. It takes a lot of courage, finances and energy to do the trip like this but definitely worth it!


I promise myself AGAIN to go back there because I haven’t visited the Sabtang Island yet also didn’t experience star gazing. I’m looking forward to that promise this year! I swear! I’ll find a way 🙂


Thank you for stopping by and have a happy jourNie!


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