22 Specials about my Trip to HongKong-Macau

As I celebrate my 22nd existence in this crazy world, I’d like to emphasize what are the 22 special things about this trip.

22 Traveling on my Birthday


I’ve always dream to travel on my special day and after 21yrs I finally made it!. Thanks PAL for this awesome perks! 🙂

21 Seeing my BFF


After so many years (11 years) I finally see my childhood bestfriend. She works here at the airport and we had a quite time to chat ‘coz we’re about to board anytime but nevertheless I was really happy to see her.

20 Travel with my Sissy


I’m so close with my family but she’s my favorite. My twin booger sister lol I was praying for this time to come and here we are 🙂

19 Disneyland


Every child’s dream! Yup I’m 22 but as what they say, “you are never too old for Disneyland” Truly a Dream come true 🙂

18 Hug from Olaf

Isn’t it amazing? Olaf is so fluffy and getting a hug from him feels so fantastic! 🙂

17 Crazy Rides

This Disneyland trip wouldn’t be complete if we don’t experience the thrilling rides! And it’s what makes this adventure worthwhile.

16 Magical Fireworks

That unforgettable closing time and colorful fireworks that made me feel like the star of the night 😀 Truly heartfelt when we all start singing the Disneyland anthem which is “A whole new world” and the fireworks never stop shining like electric stars.

15 Young, Wild and Free


In this world full of craziness here I am Living young and wild and free 🙂

14 Enjoying MTR


Never thought that riding public transportation here is fun. No standing ovation :))

13 Experience Ngong Ping 360 ride


Never miss this spectacular view from Ngong Ping 360. Totally amazing up there seeing the beautiful HongKong.

12 Meeting Bae


of course in every trip there should be at least one! haha! So meet this Australian Bae we met together in Cable Car Ride, how sweet right? Lol Shout out to you man! shame on me i forgot your name 😛

11 Artsy Street

One of the many good things about HongKong is that Art is never hidden. It’s everywhere which I find amazing because of the publicity yet still remain good as new. I bet people here loves art so much that they maintain the goodness of it. Nice!

10 Luxurious Macau

To be honest I never been in Casino before so I was really amazed when I first came inside Casino. Incredibly amazing! Everything seems to be in  a movie. and every corner of this city has casino. Wow!

9 Free game!


How bout a free game on your special day?! Yaaas! I got free registration and have this awesome card from Casino Oceanus Macau. Luckily I won 48.75 Hkd not bad for firs timer 🙂

8 Multi-Cultural Diversity

One country different cultures. Dubai, Italy, London and China feels here in Hongkong!

7 Shop ’til you drop


It’s HongKong guys! You can shop anytime,anywhere! Just make sure you have baggage allowance when you return home. lol

6 Beautiful Macau

Buildings and Architect are simply jaw-dropping.

5 Night Market

11693892_1046926275318644_8744328176499442920_n.jpgYep! Time check was 7pm and still the Sun is shining bright.

4 Free Tasting


There’s too many choices so they offer free taste everywhere and it’s pretty cool when you all taste them and don’t buy. The locals will smile to you sarcastically. lol

3 Streetlights


One of the beautiful city at night because of their colorful streetlights that will definitely attracts you when you passed by.

2 Fantastic Shows

It’s crystal clear that this place is filled of luminous glass which makes a show perfectly astounding.

1 1st of many International Adventures

The jourNie has just begun!

Check out my Travel Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imzaLIyDpKo


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