Traveling for FREE!

“You don’t have to be rich to travel!” – Unknown

This was my first ever literally FREE TRAVEL experience in my entire life! Tickets, Accommodation, Food and Activities were free because life is good and full of good people out there. When it comes to #Libre or #FREE  thingy I’m always in! Actually we’re supposed to be four in this trip but it came out that it’s just for me. Anyway, there’s no regret only happiness & spontaneity for my NAGA solo trip.


Here’s why and how?!

Where?- Camsur Watersports Complex at NAGA

Why?– to spend my rest day and try wake boarding

Ticket– I work at Airline company here in the Philippines and we have this awesome benefit called #flyforFREE (we only pay for the government taxes because airline accountability which is 217 pesos)

Accommodation– Well if you work with people, you will meet a lot of good Samaritans out there, no! you are not using them it’s an act of kindness and friendship works like that sometimes or maybe every time. LOL So, Since Mr. Generous is a friend of mine, He let me (us supposedly) stay at CWC for 1 night with free food and the wake boarding and swimming activities. Ps: even the van transfer from airport and vise versa were free.


When I arrived at the airport I look for the CWC shuttle (yes! they have their private service going to complex) guess what? as we wait at the shuttle (i’m talking about me and the driver) it seems like everyone in the plane already disembark and there’s no more people in the airport, yes! I’m the only one passenger going to CWC. LOL


It wasn’t my first time to visit CWC though the first time I’ve been there was 2014 and I told myself that the next time I visit this place I wanted to try their cabana ‘coz it looks so cozy and hey! I’m here and got a free accommodation of my own cabana (it’s pricy in real life) but it’s beautiful. it’s like my dream house out of the woods.



After I checked in, I had my own tour around. I’m glad to see bunch of professional hotties doing wake boarding lol. And lucky me not only for having a free unlimited activities also I’m the only one in the beginners area. yeha! literally SOLO.


You might think Wake boarding is just easy water sports activity but hell NO! it takes a lot of practice just to balance yourself above the water without falling and drinking that d*mn h2o! but surely after all your ups and downs when you master already the technique of wake boarding it is addictive af!



what comes after a tiring water sports? of course it’s always the food! the best part? it’s not just food, it’s my FREE FOOD! 🙂 (in real life, every meal cost 250 pesos or above)


At night I just go enjoy listening to music in the club house while eating dinner. Shame I never get the chance to talk to somebody ‘coz their bunch of pro wake boarders and their having fun drinking beers and talking about wake boarding and i just can’t! lol


In the morning I just had my early dip at the swimming pool and breakfast before heading to the airport.


It was indeed a great experience and I love everything about this trip. It was meant for me. I remember the saying ” you don’t need somebody to make you happy, free travel sometimes is the key!”

Special thanks to CWC and Gov. V for making this trip possible 🙂

Have a happy JourNie!




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